Book Launch: Stern Leadership

Stern LeadershipWe’re proud to announce the latest Digital Book Launch client case study: Stern Leadership: Learning The Rules of Business By Listening To Howard Stern. You can get a free chapter of the book in anticipation of the launch here.

Client Testimonial: I knew that a great book cover and web landing page were going to be critical elements to successfully generating interest in my book. Working with Digital Book Launch allowed me to focus on researching and writing the book, while they took care of the all important elements of aesthetics. I am looking forward to the next step of the relationship which will be all about hardcore marketing of the book once it is completed and ready to go!

Whether you’re a fan of Howard Stern or not, there is no denying the man has built an amazing career and brand. Jaime Troia is one of Howard’s biggest fans, and as you can read below in the author Q&A, he explains why he decided to write “The very first business book inspired by Howard Stern”.

Jaime hired Digital Book Launch to help him take his book concept from an idea to reality. Specifically, Digital Book Launch worked with Jaime to:

  • Design an amazing and powerful book cover to draw attention
  • Implement a beautiful landing page website that encourages email signups
  • Build the proper pre-launch marketing and email strategy to create awareness and generate leads
  • Understand the process for marketing the book pre, and post-launch
  • Assist in public relations concepts and ideas for the launch of the book

Author Q&A:

1. Why did you write the book?

Depending on who’s calculating, Howard Stern is often considered the highest paid entertainer in the country. But in large measure, his success has been glossed over, partially because his brand of entertainment appeals to only a certain segment of the population. What I wanted to do was write a book that discusses the business principles that Howard has employed to help guarantee his success. With this book, I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the business world and married it to what I’ve learned from spending more than 20 years listening to Howard. The result is a book that demonstrates that Stern’s success didn’t happen by accident, that it was deeply rooted in solid, business fundamentals.

2. Who’s the book for?

Stern Leadership takes critical elements of building a successful business like creating a great corporate culture, providing exceptional customer service, building a memorable brand, and marketing with social media, and shows how Howard Stern has successfully applied these tactics to grow his media empire.

The book is first and foremost for Stern Show fans, but it is also for entrepreneurs who recognize that there may be a thing or two to learn about business from a man who’s commonly referred to as “The King of All Media”.

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You can get a free chapter of the book in anticipation of the launch here.

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