Interview: Book Promotion Tips

We had the chance to interview Francine Silverman of about the business of marketing and promoting books online. Here is the interview.

Digital Book Launch: Tell us about how you approach book promotion?

Firstly, I started an ezine for authors, in 2003, titled Book Promotion Newsletter, which has been published every other Wednesday since then. My subscribers are clever and provide the ezine with great marketing ideas. In fact, after just two years, I took 325 of those ideas and put them in a book, Book Marketing from A-Z. As to promoting my ebooks of talk radio shows, I have found three commercial affiliates and also ask each host if they wish to become an affiliate, offering them a 20% commission on sales. Many  have stepped up to the plate and put the cover image and text on their websites with links to my website where the ebooks are featured – Now I am approaching bloggers about putting shows relating to their topics on their blogs. One actually put the investment, on-line marketing and female entrepreneurs shows from the business ebook on her website.

Digital Book Launch: What is your background?

I started life as a legal secretary and morphed into a newspaper feature writer and freelance writer. I then wanted to become a travel writer and penned two local guidebooks, Catskills Alive, and Long Island Alive, both published by Hunter Publishing. My life as it now stands started in 2003 when I began the newsletter. I became a radio host and publicist as a result.

Digital Book Launch: What’s the biggest mistake authors make when marketing their book?

They don’t start thinking about their markets before they even write the book. You must know who your audience is BEFORE you write the book.

Digital Book Launch: Can an author be successful without a platform?

 I doubt it. Traditional publishers won’t even consider you without a platform.

Digital Book Launch: What’s the future going to look like for self-publishers in 3 years?

Very good. More and more folks are accepting self-published books as legitimate. If marketing guru Dan Poynter can become a success only writing self-published books, we can too.

Digital Book Launch: Is it worth it to publish anywhere else except Amazon these days?

It’s essential to have your book featured on Amazon but that’s only one market – albeit an important one.

Digital Book Launch: How can people find you?

They can visit my websites at and