The Future of Publishing Podcast

Our CEO, Jim Kukral, did a podcast about the Future of Publishing with Daniel Clark. It’s a good listen if you want to know where publishing is going and how you can ride the wave as well.

Jim’s new book is Business Around a Lifestyle, available now at Amazon.

Not content to simply write books, Jim is at the forefront of teaching others about the opportunities that Amazon and self-publishing present for entrepreneurs that have the ability to write. His new service, Author Marketing Club, is open for membership (it’s free to join) and his book cover design service, Digital Book Launch, is accepting new clients all the time. In this episode you’ll hear why Amazon is the only game in town, why the “book” as we’ve known it for centuries is on the way out (permanently) and why you should be building a business around the life you want to lead (even if you think it can’t be done). It’s a rock-solid 40 minutes.

If you think that a book might be in your future, you don’t want to miss this interview!