The Truth Is Amazon Is All That Really Matters

Traditional publishers and other book coaches will try and tell you that you should have your book everywhere. But the truth is that the only real place that matters for your bottom line is Amazon. To quote a person in the traditional publishing business as said directly to me once, “Fuck Amazon.”

The truth is traditional publishers hate Amazon. Because Amazon plays by their own rules as they are the 800 lb. gorilla, and well, publishers don’t like that. Amazon sets their own prices for what they will pay. Amazon determines how to feature and rank books on their own. Amazon does it their own way, which leaves less money in the pockets of publishers, and gives them less control. So you can see why they don’t like Amazon, at all.

But for us, the author or content producer in any form, we LOVE Amazon. Because Amazon gives US the control to set our own prices, and to upload our content into their system without gatekeepers. Amazon allows us to build our own authority and trust and helps us distribute our books to millions of people.

Amazon moves the needle. Barnes & Noble does not. Either do other small eBook publishers. Sorry, they really don’t. The smart author needs to be focused on Amazon as the PRIMARY way of getting their content out there. And that’s the truth that traditional publishers know, but don’t want you to realize.