Ultimate Book Marketing

Wait, Do You Want It All? Book Branding, Marketing & Selling Done-4-You!

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There’s so much more we can do to make your book marketing a mega-success. I know, I’ve done it multiple times.

If you’re interested in having me personally guide you through and help you build a successful book brand and marketing plan, then I’ve got a one-time offer for a select few of you.

How’d you like to get everything mentioned on the previous page, PLUS everything listed below?

I will only take on 2 of these projects a month. Want in?

For $4,995, I will become your book marketing servant! You and I will become VERY acquainted because we’re going to be spending a lot of time together over the next few months building you a powerful book brand and marketing strategy and implementation. Why? So you can sell a lot of books and build your brand!

Just to be clear. I am only doing this twice a month for two people.

What Do I Get Exactly Jim?

I do EVERYTHING for you except write your book. Book cover, website/blog, book conversion, strategy, book trailer video, pre-funding setup, etc… Everything except write your book! It’s really that comprehensive.

You’re going to become my best friend because we’re going to dig in and build you the most comprehensive book marketing plan you can imagine.

Here’s a list of all the extras you’ll get on top of everything already mentioned on the previous page. I dare you to find a more comprehensive book marketing package online today. You won’t.

  • Professional digital file conversion to be ready for Amazon & Barnes & Noble
  • Pre-fund/sell campaign for your book with a crowd sourcing campaign
  • Your own ISBN number for your book
  • Your book available to be ordered print-on-demand (pod)
  • Setup and uploading of your book to Amazon & BN and others
  • Book trailer screencast video production
  • A signed copy of all of Jim’s books
  • Custom Pre-funding strategy and implementation so you can pre-sell or pre-fund your book now
  • Personal, weekly strategy sessions with Jim to ensure launch plan success
  • Press release announcing your book
  • Personalized launch-day strategy planning and participation, including live video and event publicity
  • Working to create your book to an Amazon best-seller on launch day
  • Private mastermind group with other select clients for life!
  • My private business phone number where you can call me anytime (business hours)
  • My guarantee that I will do everything I can do to make your book a success

That’s a lot, right? It is. Basically, I’ve thought of everything you need to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves now and later, and that you sell books.

I look forward to building an ongoing friendship with you as one of my top-tier clients. Ready to get started?

Our cost for you today is a one-time payment of $4,995. All payments are taken securely and safely via credit-card or PayPal.

Or continue on with the regular, awesome, but not as awesome, package for $1,495 here.